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Free 3-Card Tarot Reading

The first card represents your past.  This is important because your past experiences have shaped who you are as a person today.  It’s important to look back at your past and recognize that these events influence you today and in the future.

The second card represents the present and things that are happening around you right now.

The third card in the spread represents your future.  This could be a long-term goal, or a resolution to a current issue.  If you see a card that you don’t like, change what you are doing now, in the present, to change the outcome.

To see your cards, tap the double arrows to shuffle the deck, then click on each card to reveal it and its meaning.

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When the High Priestess appears upright in a reading, this is usually a sign to slow down and take your time before making a large decision. This card indicates that you should be relying heavily on your intuition and be open to other perspectives, rather than focusing on your intellect and what you’ve previously found to be true. As she is considered to be a “gatekeeper” at the ancient temples, she can also be related to anything holding you back as a gatekeeper in life. This can be seen as a symbol to accept that the path may be blocked, and trust that the gatekeeper in your life may be making the best decision by holding you back from certain opportunities that may seem like a positive change.

The High Priestess reversed, indicates the exact opposite. She still calls on you to be still, but to instead direct your attention inward and listen to wisdom. You may be being actively influenced by others and swept up in their ideas, when what you really need to do is focus on what’s right for you. It is time for you to withdraw and revaluate your situation before continuing on your path.

The Tower is representative of total annihilation, wiping the slate completely clean to begin again. If you received the upright Tower card, expect a major upheaval in your life shortly. This indicates a rough future ahead, but a more peaceful future. After this experience, you will be stronger, wiser, and built on a better foundation.

The Tower card reversed points it’s finger at a significant personal development that may already be underway. The difference between upright and reversed with the Tower card, is that a reversal indicates that you are the catalyst for this great change. You’ve become fed up with something in your personal life- job, relationship, friendship- and have decided to burn your foundation to the ground to build back better. You may question you fundamental beliefs through this process but with the doom and gloom, the Tower card also promises a more positive situation once you’re through this great turmoil. Lean on your wisdom and intuition to get you through these times and onto something much brighter than before.

The Five of Cups Upright is a sign of disappointment. This card says to you that you are living in a negative past situation, instead of moving forward into a positive future. The drink spilled from the cups represents an opportunities missed. In the Cups suit, water is a common metaphor for emotions, conveying that this problem is mainly emotional rather than a physical obstacle. This card calls you to work towards healing and release some of the sadness and despair that may be trapping you in the past.

Reversed, The Five of Cups card shows the other end of the journey. If you’ve recently experienced a break up or another great tragedy, this card is your sign that you’ve healed enough from the past to start looking towards the future. It is time to start exploring in the area of you experienced tragedy. For example, if you suffered a break up or divorce, this maybe the time to go on a first date.

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