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Free 3-Card Tarot Reading

The first card represents your past.  This is important because your past experiences have shaped who you are as a person today.  It’s important to look back at your past and recognize that these events influence you today and in the future.

The second card represents the present and things that are happening around you right now.

The third card in the spread represents your future.  This could be a long-term goal, or a resolution to a current issue.  If you see a card that you don’t like, change what you are doing now, in the present, to change the outcome.

To see your cards, tap the double arrows to shuffle the deck, then click on each card to reveal it and its meaning.

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Receiving this card upright points toward it being the time to let go of any emotional baggage you may be carrying that may hold you back in the new adventure that is beginning. You will need all of your emotional energy to navigate this new space and bring about the fulfillment of this journey, wherever it takes you. Many divination experts believe this card to be a sign of impending pregnancy and bringing new life into this world. The Ace of Cups often comes after a period of loneliness or discontentment within a current situation. It can be a sign that the clouds are about to pass. After one glance at the Ace of cups, there can be no doubt that it is an inherently positive card.

The Ace of Cups Reversed is a much less welcoming card. This usually indicates upcoming problems- breakup or divorce, specifically. In general, it is a symbol of bad tidings and times to come. This reading symbolizes the need for self love and care in this difficult time. This is a time for self reflection and learning from the mistakes that have led you to this troublesome point. Overwhelming emotions are sure to come and you can manage them through journaling, painting and other creative expression until you reach spiritual equilibrium and are able to continue on the path forward.

The Four of Wands is a happy omen of blissful congregation. Now is the time to have a reunion with those closest to you. Whether it be a wedding or graduation, milestones are important to commemorate. The Four of Wands tells you that after the progress made in the Three of Wands, it is time to take a break and bask in your success so far.

The Four of Wands can indicate that you’ve already completed the goal that you set out to achieve in the Two of Wands. This can be anything from quitting smoking to getting a new job. If you’ve struggled to accept yourself in the past, this can be a sign that you’re finally comfortable with who you’ve become and found an inner level of peace. The Four of Wands can also tell of a coming conflict in your close family or friend group. You may experience some discomfort as a result of a new transition.

The Queen of Swords can be seen as very cold and distant. She represents the importance of making judgements grounded in facts and sticking close to your moral compass. The Queen does have a giving nature, as is indicated by her outstretched hand. However, she relies mainly on fact to connect with others and pass her judgement. The Queen of Swords can also refer to the way in which we interact with others. She is honest and brash, and expects the same from others. This can point to someone in your life that is more senior and trying to mentor you, especially in your career. It can also refer to a love interest who may be reluctant to open up and accept your advances. You may be trying to gain the affection of someone in your life when this would be a better time for solitude and self reflection.

The Queen of Swords in reverse shows that you may be giving your affection too freely. You have to start thinking more logically and start working toward goals in your future. When reversed, the Queen of Swords can point to someone who has become cynical due to past trauma. In love, the Queen of Swords can refer to someone who can be toxic or cruel to you and is taking advantage of your giving nature. Make sure the relationships you’re investing in are serving you as well.

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