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One of the most common questions for advice in a relationship is if you should leave your partner or continue to work on things. Tarot is no different. This is a specialized spread made specifically to answer this question.

Card #1 shows the tone of your relationship. Sometimes you don’t want to leave because things are bad, but instead because they are stagnant or uninteresting. Example: The Sun card could tell you that things are positive and vibrant, which would be a sign to stay.

Card #2 shows the positives of your relationship. Example: If you pull the Seven of Pentacles, it would show that the long-term goals are worth staying for, as you are on track to accomplish them.

Card #3 tells of the negatives of your relationship, which is most likely why you would do this reading in the first place. Example: The Queen of Pentacles is a nurturing, fertile energy. This can show that you’re having to take care of or “parent” your partner too much and it is making the relationship unbearable.

Card #4 aims to show you a picture of a future together with your current partner. Example: The Five of Wands tells of competition in your future. Does your partner make you feel that you are competing with other men/women for your place in their life?

Card #5 aims to show you a picture of your future without your current partner. Example: Temperance is a sign that your life may be less tumultuous without the relationship you’re currently in.

Card #6 is essentially the bottom line. What is the major deal breaker for you that is making you the relationship in the first place? Example: The King of Swords requires careful examination of upright and reverse to be able to intuit the exact problems you’re having in your relationship. Your partner might have a strict sense of morals and be very strict, but this leads them to be condescending and cold towards you.

This spread, overall, would be a sign to leave. Although, if you’re looking for a more cut and dry answer a yes/no reading might be a bit more helpful.

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