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In this basic spread, you will be to divine how much you and your partner really have in common. You’ll pull 5 cards total, each one describing a different aspect of the relationship.

Card #1 tells about the emotions surrounding your current relationship, as they relate to you. For example: If you pull The Hermit card, it shows that you’re feeling a bit introspective about your relationship. This may show that you’re working on yourself to be a better partner.

Card #2 gives a bit of insight into your partner’s feelings surrounding the relationship. For example: If you pull The High Priestess, it shows your partner’s divinely feminine energy and shows they tend to rely more on intuition than logic.

Card #3 shows the overarching theme of your entire relationship. For example: If you were to pull The Devil card, it may show that your relationship revolves more around material possessions and sin.

Card #4 represents the obstacles in your relationship. For Example: If you were to pull The World, it is representative of peace and harmony. There are likely no issues in your relationship, or at least no major issues.

Card #5 shows what the future of your relationship could be. For example: The Chariot shows success and determination so this would be a very good sign!

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