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Upright: Transitions, powerful movement, endings

The Death card shows a skeleton on horseback- known as the Messenger of Death. The skeleton represents the body’s continuing journey after death; the armor is meant to signify the certainty of death. It cannot be defeated and it will always be in pursuit. Interestingly, the horse is white, which is a renowned symbol of purity. Death’s flag bears the symbol of a five- petal rose, which shows beauty and purification that death can provide. At the horses feet are people begging death to spare them, but as we know- death spares no one.

Drawing the Death card can signify a multitude of messages. This is not a symbol of your imminent perishment, rest assured. This can easily be one of the most positive cards to draw in a reading. It symbolizes new beginnings by portraying the ultimate end. This is often a calling to close the door on a past situation that is no longer serving you- a job, a friendship, a relationship- and to start searching for something better. Death is shown as a significant transformation, as you will need to transform yourself to usher in this newer, happier time. You will need to create healthier habits and let go of any unhealthy attachments you may be harboring.

Reversed: Resisting Change, dependency, inner purging

Following the pattern of the previous few cards, in reverse, this card is all about resisting change. It urges you to turn from the path filled with obstacles you are struggling against. The universe has told you time and time again that this job, relationship, friendship, etc. is not for you and it is not serving you. Death offers you the opportunity to embrace this change rather than fighting it. In more depth, Death may show the major transformation you are already undertaking. Because of the multitude of possible meanings, a skilled tarot reader will need to rely on card drawn following the death card to interpret the true meaning.

**In a yes/no reading, Death is a yes.

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