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This type of spread can help you make important decisions in any realm of your life.

Card #1 represents your current self and situation. For example: The Moon shows fear and confusion. This would suggest that you’re very unsure in your current situation and you don’t quite have your feet under you.

Card #2 shows if you’re doing the right thing for yourself currently. For example: The Four of Cups shows mediation and contemplation. Sometimes this second card isn’t as clear cut as a yes or no reading. The energy of this card is very positive, however, and would seem to suggest that you are doing exactly what you need to to improve yourself.

Card #3 shows the main problem that you have that may even be driving this reading. For example: The Two of Cups represents a duality of mutual attraction and arguments. You may have issues in your relationship or even a career that might not be quite the match you were expecting or hoping for.

Card #4 symbolizes what is currently helping you work towards that goal. For example: The Two of Swords shows difficult decisions and even maybe an impasse. This suggests that you can no longer avoid making difficult decisions and you need to move forward with your life.

Card #5 reveals a path to progress ahead. For example: The Ace of Swords shows clarity and a breakthrough. There is a breakthrough right around the corner for you, according to the cards.

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