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An Instinct Spread can help you understand whether you should trust your instincts on a certain situation and why you might be right.

Card #1 shows your emotions towards the subject of the spread. For example: The Magician shows willpower and creativity in its upright form, but in reverse, it can show illusions. This can suggest someone may be pulling the wool over your eyes or feeding you white lies.

Card #2 represents whether or not your instincts are right in this situation. For example: The Page of Cups in its reverse can show emotional immaturity. This may suggest that your feelings surrounding this are a bit juvenile and some self reflection may be required to uncover your true feelings.

Card #3 shows the path towards greater understanding of the situation. For example: The Eight of Cups shows abandonment and in some circles is seen as the traditional ‘breakup’ card.

Card #4 represents a reason you should trust your instincts on the situation. For example: The Seven of Wands shows conviction and challenging energy. This would be a sign that your instincts are right on point.

Card #5 shows something you need to continue doing. For example: The Five of Wands represents compromise and harmony. Continue to live your life with adaptability and positive energy.

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