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Upright: Life lessons, fairness, law

Justice sits in front of a purple backdrop, which is to symbolize compassion. You may remember the two pillars she is seen sitting between, as they resemble the Hierophant card as well. Here, they also represent law and structure. She is seen holding a sword in her right hand, which shows the authority and logical mindset required of her. The sword is pointed upwards to signify that she has the final say and her word is law. Justice is an authority figure to be respected and she always dispenses fair justice.

When the Justice card is pulled upright, you are being called to take accountablity for past actions. If you have already come to terms and reconciled with these actions, you have nothing to worry about. There is always a level of compassion associated with the Justice card. This may be a sign to forgive yourself if you are punishing yourself over a situation in your past. Or it may also be a sign that if you are seeking justice yourself, it will soon be served. This card is rarely black and white.

Reversed: Dishonesty, deceitful practices, lack of accountability

In reverse, Justice takes a new role. It generally means you’ve done something morally wrong and seemingly have gotten away with it. The reverse Justice card is here to let you know that all has been seen and it is time to take accountability to protect you from negative karma you may earn as a result. A secondary meaning could be that you’re beating yourself up over a situation in your past. Much like the upright Justice card, there is a level of compassion telling you that it is time to let go and forgive yourself after you’ve taken appropriate accountability.

**In a yes/no reading, Justice is neutral.

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