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The Knight of Wands is tied very closely with the Sun, the sign of all life and light in the universe. The Knight of Wands also has strong ties to the Leo astrological sign, symbolizing fearlessness and strength. The Wands suit would point towards a spiritual journey.

The Knight of Wand’s armor is decorated with salamanders, who represent the element of fire that he lords over. He holds a sprouting wand, which throughout the wands suit represents creative energy and optimism. The background is barren and mountainous, showing the struggles ahead.

Upright- Energy, passion, impulsiveness

All knights of the tarot are on a mission and the Knight of Wands is no different. The Knight is all about the pursuit of goals and turning the untapped creative and positive energy he possesses into a physical form. The Knight of Wands can often be seen as brash and abrasive. Often this can be seen as a time to for new ventures. The Knight of Wand’s advice in this time is to travel and enjoy new pursuits. Make sure you balance your unbridled energy with a bit of realism to make sure that moving forward in a positive direction.

Reverse- Haste, delays, frustration

When you receive a reversed Knight of Wands, you may be feeling stagnant and stuck in a particular place. This feeling may appear as a creative block or feeling like you’re stuck in a rut in your career. The Knight of Wands can also mean that you’re not thinking before you act. Maybe you’re acting impulsively and spreading your energies too thin to really accomplish your goals. In the long-term, you may end up running out of energy completely and feeling burnt out.

**In a yes/no reading, the Knight of Wands is a yes.

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