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This is a simple six card pyramid spread designed to give you more detailed answers to the questions you have about love. This spread is meant to be used when you’re thinking about opening yourself up to love again after a period of being single.

Card #1 is meant to tell you what you’re seeking in a relationship or partner right now. Are you looking for genuine connection or something a bit more practical? Example: You pull the Eight of Pentacles. This card is all about personal growth and perfectionism. This may be your sign that the ideas you have of love and the perfect relationship are unrealistic and you need to adjust them before seeking arrangement.

Card #2 represents your past experiences in love. How has your past relationship shaped what you’re looking for now and expecting in love? Example: The Empress may show that you’ve previously been in relationships that have been very nurturing.

Card #3 shows what has been a problem in your past. What has really been keeping your past relationships from being “the one”? Example: The Hanged Man can show that you take too much on your shoulders in relationships and you’re adding unnecessary strain that eventually leads to a break up.

Card #4 relates to your heart and what steps you may need to take to open up your heart to love. Example: Justice

Card #5 shows the same for your mind. Example: Five of Wands

Card #6 shows the same for your spiritual development. Example: Queen of Pentacles

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