Psychic Reader and consultant

45 years of experience , see what the universe Revels , Advice on all matters of life , honest and direct no sugar coating. .

See what the Universe has for you , 45 years of experience , 4th generation psychic reader and advisor , I Can tell you about your soulmate , your twin flame , I specialize in love and relationship , reuniting loved ones , past life, business, career..




Clairvoyant / Medium / Relationship Advisor / Love Specialist / Pet & Animal Psychic/ Tarot reader


  • I look deeply into the past present and future.
  • I’m a fourth generation I was 10 years old when I was able to use my abilities
  • A lady came for a reading and was able to conceive, I predicted that she will have twins with in 3 years she came back and showed me her twins .
  • Advice to solve their problems , I am honest and direct , no sugar coating , non judgmental.


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