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Upright: Material focus, addiction, sin

The Devil card shows Baphomet, a half-goat, half-man creature. Baphomet is considered to be a symbol of the balance between good and evil. The Devil has vampire bat wings. Vampirism is about sucking the life out of things, much like what happens when you give into temptation and sin. Adorning his forehead is an inverted pentagram, a sign of the darker side of magic and the occult. You can see Adam and Eve depicted at foot of the stone column he sits upon, showing the age old struggle of good vs evil.

Upright, The Devil card is nothing like the Death card. Where the Death card is about the positivity of ushering in new changes, the upright Devil card shows that you are still very much in your struggle. You’re struggling with sin or addiction or your dark nature. The Devil card often appears when you have given up the fight and become a slave to your desires. This card is imploring you to turn away from things that are holding you back from your higher purpose, maybe even your shadow self, as some refer to their darker nature. Sometimes this card will also appear in the beginning of a new relationship to warn you that it may soon become toxic or you may develop an unhealthy attachment within this relationship. Listen to your inner guidance. The Devil card can identify patterns, but it can not give you an exact answer as to what ails you. You must look within and cut out (or drastically cut back on) the things that are holding you hostage and holding you back from obtaining your true potential. This card is a cry that your soul feels trapped on its journey and it needs your help to escape.

Reversed: Overcoming sin, freedom, independence

In its reverse card, The Devil card means that you are overcoming your struggle. The Universe sees the work that you are putting in to overcome your addiction, sin, temptations and gain your full independence. You are called upon to confront your inner anxieties and any habits standing in the way of your personal growth. This card can also appear when you are in your darkest struggle with yourself. Confronting your darker self head on is the best advice when this card is pulled in reverse.

**In a yes/no reading, The Devil is a no.

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