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Upright: Love, harmony, choices

The Lovers Tarot card shows a naked couple standing beneath an angel. Angels traditionally represent spiritual and emotional healing. The couple mirrors Adam and Eve in many ways. They are depicted to be standing in the Garden of Eden, as is represented by the serpent and the tree full of fruit, as well as a tree on fire on the opposite side.

The upright Lovers card can indicate a choice on the horizon in your romantic life, often involving temptation. This is a card that pushes you toward open communication and honesty in your life as well as in any relationships in your life. While the overarching theme of the Lovers card is romance, it can also apply to other facets of your life. It can also refer to self love. If this card is presented and you are single, it may be a sign to evaluate if you are exemplifying the person you want to be. This part of the fool’s journey is largely about self discovery and staying true to yourself.

Reverse: Disharmony, imbalance

The reverse Lovers card can be a sign that your life is imbalanced. You may find that you’re having trouble in everyday relationships moreso than romantic endeavors. But within your relationship, this card may be a sign that your feelings are not mutual. This could be a sign that you’re giving a lot more than you’re receiving. This card is connected to the previous Hierophant card in that, you may want to seek the spiritual counsel that the Hierophant card refers to.

**In a yes/no reading, the Lovers card is a yes.

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