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Upright: Positivity, fertility, vitality

The Sun tarot card is very reminiscent of the sun itself, bringing light and life with it. Four sunflowers can be shown, representing the cups, pentacles, wands and swords. A baby sits astride a white horse representing the innocence of the inner child and the optimism inherent in its nature.

This card upright represents all of the light and love the universe has to offer. It is an energetic card that shows if you are going through a rough time, only good things are to come in your future. It is a sign of fertility, as evidenced by the infant adorning this card. Whether it is health, wealth or even offspring, there is no negative connotation to this card upright. Bask in the glow of the imminent good times to follow.

Reversed: Sadness, lies, procrastination

The Sun card in reverse is a sign that you are taking life too seriously and taking too much stress upon yourself. It is time for you to embrace your inner child. The Sun reminds you to take a moment to- well- bask in the sun! Your path ahead may look uncertain, but the Sun card is here to remind you of what life could be. An alternate meaning could be that you’ve become a bit too comfortable and optimistic. You may not be delivering quality work in your job anymore or you may be slacking at putting effort into your romantic relationship. Really examine your life in the coming days to find the truth of this card within this stage of your journey.

**In a yes/no reading, The Sun is a yes.

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