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Upright: Painful loss, awakening, revelation

The Tower is a stone tower, like any other, at the top of a mountain. People can be seen jumping from the windows of the Tower, which is filled with fire. Lightning strikes the Tower, surely the cause of this unexpected tragedy. The Tower itself is a solid structure and may not have been struck were it not seated on a mountaintop. We see this theme repeatedly throughout the upright and reverse meanings of this card.

The Tower is representative of total annihilation, wiping the slate completely clean to begin again. If you received the upright Tower card, expect a major upheaval in your life shortly. This indicates a rough future ahead, but a more peaceful future. After this experience, you will be stronger, wiser, and built on a better foundation.

Reversed: Avoiding tragedy, near death experience, personal transformation

The Tower card reversed points it’s finger at a significant personal development that may already be underway. The difference between upright and reversed with the Tower card, is that a reversal indicates that you are the catalyst for this great change. You’ve become fed up with something in your personal life- job, relationship, friendship- and have decided to burn your foundation to the ground to build back better. You may question you fundamental beliefs through this process but with the doom and gloom, the Tower card also promises a more positive situation once you’re through this great turmoil. Lean on your wisdom and intuition to get you through these times and onto something much brighter than before.

**In a yes/no, reading The Tower is a no.

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