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Upright: Completion, integration, harmony

In the center of this card, there is a woman adorned in a toga-like cloth, dancing inside of a giant laurel wreath. The wreath is circular, showing a connection with the eternal cycle of time. In her hands, she holds two batons, showing her connection with The Magician discussed previously. It’s a sign the goals discussed with The Magician card have now reached fruition. Around the wreath, you will see four familiar figures from The Wheel of Fortune card. These four symbols also hold ties with the Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio signs.

If The Fool is the beginning of The Fool’s Journey, The World is the end. It represents the entire journey of the Major Arcana and every card that has been encountered and discussed thus far. It shows the culmination of all of the negative and positive energy. The Universe has seen your struggle and this is your triumphant conclusion. Celebrate your successes and growth, but like what was said in the beginning, The Fool card exists outside of time and can be placed within any part of The Fool’s Journey. He may end up right around the corner as you finish this chapter of your journey and begin a brand new adventure. If you’re still plagued by loose ends, drawing this card is your sign to wrap them up so as not to become entangled as you embark on the next stage of your spiritual journey.

Reversed: Shortcuts, delays, emptiness

This World Reversed points to closure you may be seeking from a previous stage of the journey. This could be across any facet of life, whether it be professionally, romantically, or even a friendship you’re struggling to leave behind. It also can represent a time when you’re close to accomplishing a goal. It can be your sign to move forward and persevere so that when your new adventure finds you, you are prepared for it.

**In a yes/no reading, The World is a yes.

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