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Card #1 shows the state of your affairs currently. For Example: Strength represents influence and focus. You are currently in a position of power.

Card #2 represents the form an opportunity to improve your financial situation may take. For Example: The Hermit represents isolation and self reflection. This might point to meditation being the path ahead to improving your financial situation.

Card #3 symbolizes a new opportunity you should seize now. For example: The Five of Cups speaks to a negative personal situation that has a hold on you. You may be afraid of reliving this negative situation and it is holding you back from realizing your true potential.

Card #4 shows how these opportunities will improve your financial situation and career trajectory. For example: The Knight of Pentacles tells the story of hard work and perseverance. This would indicate that putting hard work into this new opportunity will pay off in spades.

Card #5 gives you a glimpse into the eventuality of accepting these new opportunities. For example: The Two of Pentacles speaks to someone’s ability to multitask. Your life will be busy, but fulfilling, provided you listen to your inner wisdom to guide you to the appropriate opportunity.

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