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Self care readings can often help us to shed light on self-improvement that can help us to be able to grow. It can also help to manifest a particular goal you have been working towards.

Card #1 something about yourself that you should practice loving. For example: The Six of Cups shows a playful and maybe even nostalgic side of you. This can refer to an inner child that you may need to practice loving and embracing a bit more.

Card #2 something that you can be more forgiving of yourself about. For example: The Seven of Wands represents exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. You may need to take a little bit off of your plate and allow yourself to relax a bit more.

Card #3 a close-minded or negative trait or feeling that you can let go of to heal. For example: The Three of Wands tells the story of someone who is starting a journey they have prepared for and is constantly delayed by obstacles. These obstacles may be real or in your mind. Paired with card #2, this seems to suggest that you see a real or perceived obstacle and you immediately feel overwhelmed. This is something you can be more loving to yourself about.

Card #4 energy to embody to help you reach your highest self. For example: The Page of Pentacles shows the energy of someone that is ambitious, diligent and loyal. Embodying this energy can help you achieve your true purpose.

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