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In tarot, another large aspect of readings, refers to your career. When you’re about to start a new business or venture, it can be a good idea to do an entrepreneurial spread.

Card #1 is the central card in the reading that shows your position in your current job. Example: The World represents harmony and peace. You must be feeling content with your current job when this card is pulled.

Card #2 is your reason for starting this new endeavor. Example: The Ten of Cups points to a family motive. Perhaps you are pursuing this new endeavor or business for your future offspring to inherit.

Card #3 is the potential that you have for career growth. Example: Two of Cups shows a happy wedding, a joining of two souls. This endeavor has the ability to become a positive part of you, intertwined with your daily life and your very being.

Card #4 is about what you bring to the table. This tends to be a bit more open to interpretation as most tarot cards don’t give you a black and white answer to these questions. Example: The King of Swords shows morality and a strictness. You intend to run things above board and in an organized fashion.

Card #5 shows what is unique about you have to offer. Example: Queen of Swords represents someone who is honest, independent and perceptive. Paired with the King of Swords, you are surely the right person for the job of leading this business venture.

Card #6 represents your target market. Example: Page of Wands is symbolic of adventure and excitement. You’re likely targeting a younger demographic that may even be seeking a thrill.

Card #7 symbolizes the difference you can make through this business. Example: Ten of Wands represents a struggle or a burden. You may help lift the burdens of others with this endeavor in the end.

Card #8 shows the legwork needed to begin this venture. Example: The Seven of Wands shows conviction and defiance. Getting this venture up and running will be a major challenge and require a lot of work.

Card #9 will require referencing the yes/no section of readings to answer to whether this is the time to begin your new business venture. Example: The Six of Pentacles is a clear cut yes. It also represents generosity and balance. Overall, this would be a great reading to receive.

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