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Horseshoe Spreads are very good at giving cosmic advice around a certain situation or answering a specific question.

Card #1 represents past factors that have led you to where you are now. For example: The Six of Cups shows someone who is playful and nostalgic and often refers to an inner child. You may have found your way to where you are now by healing you inner child or this may indicate that there is healing yet to do.

Card #2 signifies where you are now. For example: The King of Swords shows someone with integrity and morality. You’ve taken your negative experiences and used them to improve yourself into a person that is generally good and can be trusted.

Card #3 shows an obstacle or multiple obstacles in your path. For example: The Queen of Swords represents someone that can be pessimistic. Your negative energy may be affecting your path forward and causing you issues with being able to move forward and continue on your path.

Card #4 shows the most beneficial path forward. For example: The Page of Swords usually shows an abundance of ideas and positive inspiration. Your ideas are flowing and there are some good ones in there that can help you to move further towards your higher purpose.

Card #5 shows the final result or answer. For example: The Three of Pentacles is a yes for a yes or no question, but it also shows teamwork and collaboration. Depending on the question this spread is surrounding, this can be a very positive reading.

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