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*For context, please read Three Card- Love Spread before continuing.

In the five card spread, you’re building off of the foundation that you created in your three card spread. You’re adding two extra cards for the context of the past and future. Often you can evolve your spread if you’re searching for more answers. Sometimes we start with a one card spread and continue pulling cards until we feel we’ve found the answers we’re looking for.

The fourth card will be placed below the third card, setting the tone of the relationship. It is to show the past. For example, if you pulled The Tower card here, it shows a rocky past that may have even caused you to abandon the relationship at some point.

And then the final card will be the fifth card above the third, showing the future of the relationship. To continue the example, let’s say you pull the Ace of Wands. This would indicate inspiration and new beginnings. You may be rebeginning the relationship and rededicating yourselves to each other. This is an exciting addition to the spread, showing you moving completely past your previous issues and into something entirely new.

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