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Free 3-Card Tarot Reading

The first card represents your past.  This is important because your past experiences have shaped who you are as a person today.  It’s important to look back at your past and recognize that these events influence you today and in the future.

The second card represents the present and things that are happening around you right now.

The third card in the spread represents your future.  This could be a long-term goal, or a resolution to a current issue.  If you see a card that you don’t like, change what you are doing now, in the present, to change the outcome.

To see your cards, tap the double arrows to shuffle the deck, then click on each card to reveal it and its meaning.

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The Page of Cups shows that inspiration can appear in the most unlikely of ways, pointing mainly to your subconscious thoughts and dreams. You must be open to new ideas, in this time. You should pursue any creative projects that come to mind. It shows the persistence needed to bring these ideas to life. This card also refers to your inner child and embracing creative outlets you might not typically- dance class, pottery, painting. Unleash your creative energy and manifest any projects your dreams are telling you to life.

The Page of Cups Reversed may indicate a creative block. A reversed Page of Cups could indicate that there are projects that may have brought you joy in the past that you’ve forgotten about or abandoned. Rediscover that passion and reignite the creative spark that your life may have been missing. In love, there may be someone that you previously may not have considered that would react positively to your advances. In a professional setting, it can mean you’ve acted emotionally and unprofessionally in your place of business. There are many possibilities for receiving this card in a reading, but it in itself, is not a bad omen. This card merely points at things that could need improvement. In achieving this growth, you may place yourself on a path toward greater enlightenment.

Upright, The Devil card is nothing like the Death card. Where the Death card is about the positivity of ushering in new changes, the upright Devil card shows that you are still very much in your struggle. You’re struggling with sin or addiction or your dark nature. The Devil card often appears when you have given up the fight and become a slave to your desires. This card is imploring you to turn away from things that are holding you back from your higher purpose, maybe even your shadow self, as some refer to their darker nature. Sometimes this card will also appear in the beginning of a new relationship to warn you that it may soon become toxic or you may develop an unhealthy attachment within this relationship. Listen to your inner guidance. The Devil card can identify patterns, but it can not give you an exact answer as to what ails you. You must look within and cut out (or drastically cut back on) the things that are holding you hostage and holding you back from obtaining your true potential. This card is a cry that your soul feels trapped on its journey and it needs your help to escape.

In its reverse card, The Devil card means that you are overcoming your struggle. The Universe sees the work that you are putting in to overcome your addiction, sin, temptations and gain your full independence. You are called upon to confront your inner anxieties and any habits standing in the way of your personal growth. This card can also appear when you are in your darkest struggle with yourself. Confronting your darker self head on is the best advice when this card is pulled in reverse.

The Six of Swords shows that you’re at a transitional point in your life where you’re turning from a stressful situation forward into something better. It is time to start addressing your baggage from the past before it rears its ugly head in the future. Now is a time for personal growth that will propel you forward in life. You may currently still be in the boat heading to better waters, but rest assured the horizons you see are indeed better. It just may take a journey and some self growth to get there.

The Six of Swords reversed may show that the time for the aforementioned transition has come and go. However, you’re still struggling. Therapy and meditation would be prudent advice in this time. The Six of Swords is here to tell you that whether it’s moving on from a toxic ex or leaving a hostile job environment, you may have trouble letting go completely. There is a better job and relationship out there for you so be sure not to turn back and undo all of your growth.

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