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If you’re in the middle of a job search, often you will be presented with multiple opportunities. It’s important to know which ones will yield positive results and which opportunities are best avoided.

Card #1 shows the way you’re currently presenting yourself. For example: Temperance represents good faith and balance. This would indicate that you are presenting yourself well.

Card #2 gives insight into what obstacles might be standing in your way. For example: The Eight of Cups shows abandonment and the end of a relationship or maybe even a position you believed would be permanent.

Card #3 shows the assets you currently have that would aid your job search. For example: The Ten of Swords a duality between painful memories and healing energy. The painful situations you’ve experienced in the past have helped you grow into a person that will be more successful in this search.

Card #4 shows what helps you stand out from other candidates and what you may need to highlight more. For example: The Eight of Swords speaks highly of your independence and freedom.

Card #5 represents something inside of yourself that can help with your advancement and what you want to convey to potential employers. For example: The Knight of Wands highlights your energy and maybe even a little impulsivity. Keep your energy positive and that new job may be just around the corner.

Card #6 symbolizes something to keep in mind going forward. For example: The Ace of Pentacles upright symbolizes new beginnings, prosperity and abundance. Keep in mind the role these may have in your life moving forward.

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