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The King of Pentacles has strong ties to Saturn, which represents boundaries and responsibility. It can be seen as being a very negative omen indicating negative energy ahead. The King of Pentacles is also associated with the star sign Taurus, which is symbolic of being very stubborn yet grounded. The Pentacles suit would point towards a journey of fiscal significance.

The King of Pentacles, like all kings, rests upon his throne. His throne is adorned with bulls to show his connection with Taurus and the element that he rules over, earth. He holds a scepter to show his dominance over his realm and in his other hand, he holds a pentacle. This represents his total control over the fiscal realm.

Upright- Abundance, prosperity, providing

When the King of Pentacles appears in a tarot reading, it is a sign that you have gained control over your finances after a journey of ups and downs. The King of Pentacles is a man of wealth, abundance and worldly success. The King of Pentacles knows how to turn a situation into one that is lucrative for him. You can now enjoy what you’ve accomplished at the end of a long journey. You have created a life for yourself that is fulfilling in all aspects. Continue with the way you are doing things in a financial sense, but look for other aspects of your life that may need some of the attention you’ve been focusing in this one area.

Reverse- Greedy, Wasteful, Possessive

The King of Pentacles reversed invites you to evaluate your financial situation. Are you spending too much or living beyond your means? You may also have a problem with gambling. The King of Pentacles is popping up in this reading to tell you that your financial security is important and you might be neglecting it in a way that could put you at risk. At times, the King of Pentacles can tell you that you’re falling into old patterns and you may need to seriously mix things up.

**In a yes/no reading, the King of Pentacles is a yes.

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