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The King of Swords is tied very closely with Uranus, the planet of shock and awakening. The King of Swords is also associated with Libras, who are known to be a loving sign and very honest. The Swords suit would point towards a mental journey.

The King of Swords shows a man with white long hair and beard, a sign of his age and wisdom, sitting on a throne, holding a sword aloft. The swords represents the rational, logical mind while his other hand remains open, signifying that he is open to new experiences. There is an spiritual host to the side of his throne to give him sound advice. His throne is in the sky and adorned with crescent moons to show that he in in touch with his subconscious mind, as well.

Upright- Integrity, morality, strict

When the King of Swords appears to you in a reading, it can be a sign of your flawless leadership. Whether you rule your home with an iron fist or you run a tight ship at work, when you command, others take notice. Often the King of Swords can represent a time in your life where you are relying so much on your strict rules that you are appearing to be heartless or disinterested to others. You are so able to keep your emotions in check that it may be hard to show emotion when you need to. An alternate interpretation could be that there is a person in your life or career that you can see as a mentor. They are here to help you and give you sound advice, whether it be legal or financial. Listen to the advice of those with more experience than you in this time.

Reverse- Irrational, controlling, ruthless

The King of Swords reversed represents an amount of power you hold that may not be obvious. You may be able to command a room just by logical thinking alone. You may have a certain level of charm that causes others to take notice and listen to you. The King of Swords reversed can also show a lack of direction. You aren’t sure what direction or path to take to reach your goals. You might be avoiding making any concrete decisions. In this time, listen to your inner wisdom to tell you what the upright King of Swords would advise you.

**In a yes/no reading, the King of Swords is a maybe.

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