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When a new opportunity presents itself in your professional life, sometimes a pros and cons list just doesn’t quite cut it. In times like that, a tarot reading can provide a sense of peace surrounding your decision. This five card spread is designed to help you make a more informed decision.

Card #1 symbolizes the positive aspects of the new opportunity. For example: The Emperor is associated with structure and order. This new opportunity might bring you to a new place of stability that your current position isn’t providing you.

Card #2 represents the negative aspects of the new opportunity. For example: Temperance could indicate overindulgence. You may become too comfortable in your position or this may be a sign that it will afford you a new lifestyle that may not be beneficial to you overall.

Card #3 shows your standing in your current position. For example: The Nine of Cups can go either way. Upright it shows that you are satisfied and in reverse it shows that you are unsatisfied. This is more up to interpretation by the person requesting the reading than the person giving the reading.

Card #4 gives a hint toward how to acquire this new opportunity. For example: The Four of Cups symbolizes meditation and careful planning. This opportunity will not come spur of the moment, but instead through hard work and dedication.

Card #5 shows the potential future after making this decision. For example: The Six of Wands is arguably the most positive card you could ever receive in this place. It represents pure success.

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