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The Nine of Wands is linked very closely to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. Jupiter represents miracles, healing, and opportunity. This card also has strong ties to the Sagittarius astrological sign, which is linked to adaptability and flexibility. The Wands suit would point towards a spiritual journey.

The face of the Nine of Wands shows a very tired looking man leaning on one of the wands, with a bandage on his head. The nine wands appear to be in a straight line, much like fence posts. The man is clearly battered and appears to be injured from his journey so far from the Ace to the Nine of Wands now. The man has one final goal to accomplish before he is able to reach then Ten, the finish line of the journey of wands.

Upright- Perseverance, courage, endurance

The Nine of Wands is a sign that conflicts and obstacles are in your way, but you persist anyway. The Nine of Wands tells you to continue this pattern and do not stop moving. These obstacles may appear as other people or physical barriers, preventing you from reaching your destination. Make sure to make clear boundaries with those around you that may be taking away from your energy, instead of building you up. Monitor those boundaries well and make sure to assert yourself. The Nine of Wands tells you that in order to reach your goals, you will need to assert yourself and move past whoever or whatever might be in your way.

Reverse- Stubborn, lack of trust, unmoving

In reverse, the Nine of Wands may suggest that you’re having trouble in your journey. Instead of persevering through your obstacles, you might be ready to give up. The Nine of Wands advises you to not feed into paranoia or exhaustion. You may think that others are out to get you and keep you from moving forward. Do not feed too much into these thoughts. Instead focus your energy and attention inward to build your mental strength. The Nine of Wands, ultimate advice to you is to realize who is presenting an actual obstacles and what obstacles are in your head.

**In a yes/no reading, the Nine of Wands is a no.

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