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The Page of Swords has strong ties to the Planet Mercury, which is the planet of mind and mouth. This shows that these cards refer to matters of communication and creative expression. The Page of Swords also has strong ties to the Aquarius astrological sign, symbolizing intellect and foresight. The Swords suit would point towards a mental journey.

The Page of Swords shows a woman holding a sword on a small hill. There is some turbulence in the air as a storm is undoubtedly on its way. The Page is showing courage in the face of the storm and the green grass on the hill she’s standing on shows the creative energy she will manifest to bring her ideas into the world. She’s full of youthful exuberance and ready to face any challenge she meets head on.

Upright- Curious, witty, justice

The Page of Swords will appear in a reading upright when you are full of good ideas. You may be witty and full of quick remarks. Your quick with makes you a great communicator and others are easily charmed by you. The Page of Swords may be telling you to further pursue a creative project you may have given up on. In matters of love, this quick wit of your’s may be causing you to avoid diving into vulnerable discussions in your relationship. Instead of talking around your problem, use your charm to instead face your problems head on.

Reverse- Cynical, sarcastic, manipulation

When the Page of Swords is reversed, it can be a real problem. The Page of Swords in reverse delights in being a know-it-all. Her advice to you is that nobody likes the smartest person in the room and this may be creating animosity within your inner circle. You might have trouble in your romantic relationships because your deep and methodical thinking can come across as devoid of emotion. It can also point to a toxic relationship that you’re trapped in at work or home. Take heart. As long as you are careful to create lasting, meaning relationships with those around you, you can resolve these small miscommunications that may be creating discord.

**In a yes/no reading, the Page of Swords is a yes.

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