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The Queen of Cups is tied very closely with the Neptune, which is tied to inspiration. Neptune holds power over dreams and your subconscious mind. The Queen of Cups also has strong ties to the Pisces astrological sign, symbolizing intuition and creativity. The Cups suit would point towards an emotional journey- a new relationship, a new friendship, a new creative project.

The Queen of Cups rules over the element of water, which is representative of emotions. Her throne sits on its own tiny island, surrounded by water. In her hands, she holds a cup with wings that shows her control over her spiritual side. The cup she holds is closed because it represents the emotions dormant in the unconscious mind.

Upright- Compassion, kindness, intuition

The Queen of Cups is in charge of her emotions. She is compassionate, generous, and intuitive. When she appears to you in a reading, she wants to tell you that, much like her, you are the strong one keeping your friends and relatives together. The Queen of Cups knows how to use her heart and her mind to make decisions for the benefit of all in her circle. This may indicate someone in your life that needs your mentoring or guidance. In your love life, this can point to having many options for dating. You may be attracting people who seek to take advantage of your giving and kind nature. Be wary of those who are not as giving as you are, as this may be the warning the Queen of Cups is trying to convey.

Reverse- Insecurity, fragility, needy

The Queen of Cups reversed can show that you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. Your emotions may be ruling over you instead of vice versa. The Queen of Cups in this position can also indicate that you find yourself lost in the fantasy of what your life can be instead of what it is. You may find yourself daydreaming instead of actually making progress towards realistic goals. Make sure you aren’t getting caught up in the promise of love or a supposedly lucrative investment. Sometimes things may not be as they appear.

**In a yes/no reading, the Queen of Cups is a yes.

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