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Card #1 represents what you stand to gain from your position at present. For example: The Queen of Cups shows compassion and kindness. It would appear that you are very comfortable in an environment that is nurturing to you.

Card #2 shows lessons from your past that you need to remember moving forward. For example: The Five of Cups shows sadness and discontent. Remember the situation you came from and where you are now and make decisions moving forward with that in mind.

Card #3 tells you what traits are going to be most helpful to you for the advancement of your career. For example: The Four of Cups suggests that meditation and concentration will be helpful to you in this time. Make sure to carve out time for mediation and trust your inner guidance to steer you on the right path moving forward.

Card #4 symbolizes where you are currently in your career. For example: The Ace of Swords shows clarity, breakthrough and vision. This directly supports the card that was pulled for card #1.

Card #5 refers to an opportunity that has presented itself to you. For Example: The King of Pentacles represents someone who has an overabundance (usually a reference to wealth). The King of Pentacles is a steady provider and this suggests an opportunity may present itself to you to be a better provider moving forward.

Card #6 shows the eventual outcome of these changes. For example: The Five of Pentacles shows financial loss and poverty. Now would be a good time to reconsider any changes you are thinking about in your career if you receive this reading.

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