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A six of any suit is tied very closely with the Sun, the sign of all life and light in the universe. This card also has strong ties to the Scorpio astrological sign, symbolizing transformation and renewal. The Cups suit would point towards an emotional journey- a new relationship, a new friendship, a new creative project.

The Six of Cups card shows two children, one handing flowers to another in a cup. Behind them are four more cups of flowers and then there is a sixth on top of a stone column. The act of giving the flowers shows a certain generosity and sets the cheery tone of this card.

Upright: Playful, nostalgic, pleasurable

This card generally shows a generosity of spirit and a naivety unique to children. If you’ve experienced a turbulent childhood, this is a sign that things are about to turn around in your present. If you currently have children, they may help to heal your inner child and they will receive more than you did and do much with it. You may also find, if you had a pleasant childhood, that you’re living within those memories and not embracing the reality that is here and now. There is a duality with this card that could also tell you that you’re acting in an immature way. Only you can know the was this card can truly be ascribed to your life.

Reversed: Maturity, boredom, living in the past

The Six of Cups Reversed shows an inflexibility to change and an inability to move forward from past memories that haunt you. The past should be a guide for your future, but it should not define your present. If you find that you are stuck in memories more often that not, this can be a sign to start moving forward. If you are stuck on an old relationship, you may be stopping yourself from opening up to a new love. This card implores you to let the past go so that you can embrace the opportunities for new love, a new job or a new friendship that may be just on the horizon.

** In a yes/no reading, The Six of Cups is a yes.

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