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A ten of any suit is also tied very closely with the planet Neptune, which is tied to inspiration. Neptune holds power over dreams and your subconscious mind. This card also has strong ties to the Pisces astrological sign, symbolizing intuition and creativity. The Cups suit would point towards an emotional journey- a new relationship, a new friendship, a new creative project.

On the front of the Ten of Cups, you will see a family. First the mother and father, with their arms outstretched towards the sky. Nearby their children play. Their home can be seen on a hill in the distance. The cups themselves create a rainbow in the sky above. It is an idyllic scene that represents the complete fulfillment of emotional goals in the realm of love, such as the suit of Cups is often associated.

Upright- Happiness, family, reunions

Upright, this card shows exactly what is on its surface. The Ten of Cups is sometimes referred to as the “Happy Family” card, showing that your family relationships are loving and harmonious at this time. The green hills show fertility, the rainbow symbolizes peace and the happy home shows stability. The Ten of Cups implores you to trust your heart and emotions to lead you to this ‘happily ever after.’ The pulling of this card shows that you are currently in a time of happiness and bliss, although things may be about to take a step forward. This can include starting a family together, a marriage proposal or even a new relationship that will be what some refer to as ‘the one.’ Allow your inner voice to pave the way forward, do not compromise on your inner values.

Reversed- Despair, divorce, conflict

When the reversed Ten of Cups card appears, you’re seeking more from your relationships. This may show a broken relationship between your family or in your relationship. This card asks you to try to seek common ground with loved ones and look inside of your to imagine what the ideal relationship looks like to you. The Ten of Cups reversed can reveal that you are not in alignment with your values and you are being untrue to yourself in the pursuit of a relationship. Do not allow others to dictate your path forward, for you, as they may not have your higher purpose in mind.

**In a yes/no reading, The Ten of Cups is a yes.

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