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The Ten of Wands is linked very closely to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. Jupiter represents miracles, healing, and opportunity. This card also has strong ties to the Saggitarius astrological sign, which is linked to adaptability and flexibility. The Wands suit would point towards a spiritual journey.

On the front of the Ten of Wands is a man carrying a large bundle of sticks. His posture indicates they may be too heavy to carry. This is the “homestretch” of the journey. We see him moving towards a town, which is the end destination.

Upright- Struggling, burden, responsibility

Any interpretation of the Ten of Wands, points towards the hard work required to complete the journey of wands. The Ten of Wands appears to tell you you are carrying a heavier workload or taking on extra responsibility in the home. The good news is much like the man walking towards the town, the end of the journey is in sight. The Ten of Wands invites you to take a look at your life and what things can be cut out to create a more manageable daily routine without losing your progress and rendering the whole journey useless.

Reverse- Stress, collapse, breakdown

Even in reverse, the Ten of Wands is still carrying too much. You are afraid to ask others for help and it is no longer a matter of cutting certain things out of your routine but instead, of finding someone to share the burden with. All 10 of those sticks need to make it to the end destination, but you cannot carry them all yourself. On the bright side, once again, the end of this journey is in sight. Find someone to help care for you and share your burden. In your career, this may mean delegation. In love, this may mean asking your partner to help a bit more around the house if you’re married. Find a way to continue meeting your daily obligations so you don’t fall behind.

In a yes/no reading, the Ten of Wands is a no.

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