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Three Card love spreads are arguably the most common in tarot, because many believe they give just the right amount of context without overcomplicating things. In a three card spread, you’re thinking of a specific person and what your future may look like together. Card #1 represents your character and place in life. Card #3 represents the person you’re asking about. Finally, Card #2 shows the status of your current relationship.

For example: Say you pull The Hermit for one, the Three of Cups for three, and The Star for two. The Hermit would show you as someone that is introspective and taking the time to work on themselves, maybe you are even a bit too reserved. The Three of Cups has a theme of collaboration, which would say that this person desires closeness. Arguably the most important card would be #2 in a three card spread because it gives definition to the relationship. The Star shows love, generosity, and fertile land. It would indicate a wonderful ground to begin a foundation on for a relationship. By all means, this would be a wonderful spread to receive.

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