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A Two of any suit indicates duality. The Two of Pentacles has strong ties to Saturn, which represents boundaries and responsibility. It can be seen as being a very negative omen indicating negative energy ahead. This card is often associated with Capricorns, who are known to be strong-willed and ambitious. The Pentacles suit would point towards a journey of fiscal signifance.

On the front of the Two of Pentacles is a man juggling two large coins in either hand. This sets the theme for the card as balance. Upright, he is keeping the pentacles in motion without dropping them. In reverse, they are crashing down. As long as his timing is true, he can manage his priorities and multitask without dropping anything. This theme is further brought home by the ships in the background, that move up and down with waves, but manage to stay afloat.

Upright- Perseverance, time management, adaptability

Going back to the previous point about balance, the Upright Two of Pentacles speaks to one’s ability to multitask. Generally, this card will be in reference to money matters- investments, money management. You may be drowning in debt, juggling bills. This card indicates that you do a good job of managing debt, but it may time to take a step back. There may be a better way if you stop multitasking and really focus on the tasks at hand. With love, this card can sometimes mean that you’re lacking the emotional space and energy to give to your relationship. Things can not go on the way they are now in your life and you need to identify where is most in need of improvement.

Reverse- Overextending, disorganization, reprioritization

Reversed, this card speaks again to being overwhelmed and overcommitted. The Two of Pentacles visually represents as “dropping the ball.” You may be overinvesting in one area of your life to the detriment of another, such as spending too much time at work and not enough with your romantic partner. This reading is calling to once again, reevaluate your priorities and warns that negative changes may be around the corner if you do not. If you drop the ball enough, you just might get fired or your partner may leave you.

**In a yes/no reading, the Two of Pentacles is a maybe.

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