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A Two of any suit indicates duality. The Two of Swords has strong ties to Planet Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, finances. This shows that these cards are generally referring to matters of love or physical material possessions. This card is associated with Libras, who are known to be a loving sign and very honest. The Swords suit would point towards a mental journey.

On the face of the Two of Swords, a woman clothed in white, symbolizing purity of mind and spirit, holds two swords aloft. Her arms are crossed across her chest, indicating a stalemate. The rocks behind her show a rocky path ahead and obstacles to be overcome. She could easily remove her blindfold and continue on, but she remains for some reason. This indicates that the battle she is currently fighting is within her mind.

Upright- Difficult decisions, an impasse, avoidance

When you see the Two of Swords in a reading, you are encountering a stalemate. In some interpretations, you will receive the Two of Swords when you’re avoiding making a decision or taking a side. If you’ve come to a true crossroads in your life, the Two of Swords is an omen that this will not be a light undertaking. Think about your next steps carefully because you may not be prepared for what is ahead. You may need to take some time to evaluate and meditate before moving forward. You also may be avoiding a conflict, hoping it goes away. You remain blindfolded like the woman on the card, but the conflict will not go away.

Reverse- Indecision, confusion, emotional detachment

The Reversed Two of Swords shows a standoff of epic proportions. It mimics the conflict between good and evil. You may find yourself unable to prioritize a partner over your job or vice versa. It speaks to painful choices ahead. Much like the Upright version of this card, you may be tempted to leave your blindfold on and avoid facing this tough decision. This card tells you that the only way to set yourself free is to make this tough choice.

**In a yes/no reading, the Two of Swords is a maybe.

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