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A Yes or No tarot reading is a way to determine the answer to an important question. If you’re looking to skip the details, a yes or no reading can tell you the best path moving forward when your meditation and inner guidance just isn’t cutting it. There are different ways of doing tarot card readings, but in one way, you will pull place cards in 3 different piles, stopping when you hit 13 or pull an ace in each pile. If you pull 3 aces, the answer to your question is a yes. If no aces have appeared the answer is no. Two out of three aces means probably. One out of three aces means probably not. This is a much more in depth reading than what is typically done. There is also a method of pulling a single card from the deck to determine your answer. Here is a key for doing singular yes/no readings.

Cards That Mean Yes

Cards That Mean No

Cards That Mean Maybe

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